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Impact Resistant Shell

Engineered to protect areas of the head specific to surf injuries

Low-Profile Shell & Cut-Out

Offers optimal peripheral vision and minimal drag.

Advanced Ear Protection System

Aids in the prevention of aural trauma and exostosis (Surfer’s Ear).

Low-Profile Chinstrap

Ensures secure, comfortable positioning using non-corrosive, saltwater-resistant materials.

Removable Halofit Pads ™

Advanced foam lining fit system allows for custom sizing.

Innovative Layer-Tech Padding

Water-resistant pad system reduces, absorbs and deflects impact energy.

Interior Padding Channel Design

Allows water to quickly drain out after submersion.

SIMBA Sentinel 1

The SIMBA Sentinel 1 is extremely lightweight, comfortable, and doesn’t hinder hearing, peripheral vision or balance. A unique silhouette protects parts of the head specific to most water sport injuries – including the lower forehead, ears, upper jaw, and cheeks – offering riders safer ocean experiences, and heightened confidence.

SIMBA Design

The Sentinel 1 was developed to protect your head, ears and  jaw while minimizing bulk and vision issues.

For the first time you feel as though you have nothing on your head.