Gerson J. Caraballo “Hershey”

Resides: Boca Raton FL

Hometown: Isabela Puerto Rico

My name is Gerson J. Caraballo I’m from Isabela Puerto Rico. I have a beautiful wife and two boys. Since a was a kid always wanted to be a lifeguard. I started to safe lives as volunteer, and did it for 7 years. When I became an ocean rescue lifeguard I did rescue programs for the Island and traveld around Puerto Rico to train people. I was the water safety Director of Puerto Rico Surfing federation. But my dream was to be a professional ocean rescue lifeguard and be in a competition team. Saving people lives in my home of Puerto Rico was my passion. When Hurricane Maria came it made everything hard so I decide to fulfill my dreams, and travel to the USA to be a Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue Lifeguard (being one of the craziest beach patrol on south east). Currently I’m the Training Officer and the Jet ski operator of the city, and the latest national team competitor. I was 5th place in national rank in paddle in my age group in 2019.  I’m the champion on 2 mile race league 2020 of 12 Beach in south Florida in unlimited board (prone). Then I felt in love with rowing, I did many races solo and doubles from last place to first place from 1,000 meter race to 12 mile race around key west, ( 4th place being in one hard hot and painful race).

I’m proud to be a Lifeguard and compete at this level I love my Island and forever I will have it in my heart from Florida to Puerto Rico Lifeguard 4 life

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My history with surf helmets began in the mid-90s while living in Santa Cruz, CA, surfing seven days a week and doing everything I could to manifest my pro career.

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