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Click the links to check out some great content featuring SIMBA: 

Global Wingsports Association

SIMBA Action Sports joins the GWA check it out


Implementing New Concussion Protocols This Year check it out

Lakey Peterson

Lakey Peterson wears the SIMBA Sentinel 1 at Pipeline. check it out

Cole Kawana

Awsome foiling wipeout wearing a SIMBA. check it out

KITV4 Island News

Surfers gear up with safety in mind to ride huge waves check it out

Make Rothman

Former WSL big wave world champ spotted wearing a SIMBA check it out

Koa Smith

Koa in SIMBA Sentinel 1 warrior mode check it out

Bowen Dwelle

Kiteboarding under the Golden Gate Bridge in a SIMBA check it out

Francois Levannier

Comments on SIMBA via IG post check it out