Our journey began in 2016 with an idea and a dream – to create an aquadynamic technically advanced helmet for surf style water sports. Our SIMBA product team tirelessly sought the best materials, designs and production processes while R&D test pilots rigorously evaluated each prototype in waves around the world. SIMBA’s Sentinel 1 helmet is extremely lightweight, comfortable and doesn’t hinder hearing, peripheral vision or balance. A unique silhouette protects parts of the head specific to most watersport injuries – including the lower forehead, ears, jawlines and cheeks – offering riders safer ocean experiences and heightened confidence.



As a team of professional tour vets, big wave pioneers, surf school innovators, equipment engineers, lifeguards and coastguardsmen we have over 100 years of combined surfing and water sport experience. We’re also parents and grandparents investing in the current and future generations of our sport.





As experienced surfers, we know getting hurt in the ocean is not just an if, it’s a when. We make Simba helmets to help foster a long and healthy water sports life for everyone. Our mission is simple: to reduce the risk of head injuries and promote safer practices while empowering our athletes with superior protection.